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ok so this is pez_icons (obviously) but it's not JUST for PEZ icons!! oh no!! it's for all candy associated and/or other icons of your likeness. but try not to have it TOO random ok? ok. yes so on to the rules.
Rule Numero Uno (and i think this is rule in every icon site you go to): allways make sure to CREDIT (this really upsets people if you don't. oh yes).
Rule Numero Dos: abosolutely NO DIRECT LINKING (this is quite the pain in the ass. excuse me).
Rules Numero Thres: hmmm what else we got?...SHARE!! cuz u know...sharing IS caring (how corny but hey it's true...in a fashion.)
i think that may be it...OH WAIT no insults please we do try here and constructive critisism is welcome and even maybe encouraged. ok and...being able to make icons isn't eactly a requirement but DO feel obliged. allllrighty then i think, THINK that is it so feel free to...join and stuff :) OH YES (hey it's not another rule)!! please visit kummocho icons (she's lonely). like, now. www.livejournal.com/community/kumoocho icons!!